ISIN Code ES0112320009 Sector Technology y Telecommunications
Ticker COM Subsector Electronics and Software
Private Meetings Yann RAMBOUSEK (CFO)

Catenon is a Spanish technological multinational company that operates under a web squared model and which is looking globally for professionals. It´s vision: to work like a normal office but at a global level; to look for, evaluate and introduce worldwide candidates to its clients, who are based in any part of the world, within 20 days, in an objective way and whilst using multimedia technology to complete technical interviews. 

Catenon was founded in 2000 with the vision of making a business model focused on technology and based on the four axis of the 21st century: New Technology, Globalization, Knowledge Management (Advanced Artificial Intelligence, IAA) and using English as the first common language of humanity (multicultural and diverse). 

Catenon has completed a 'deconstruction' of the traditional operator services, through its own technical web platform. This allows it to work like one office at a global level through a model of industrial service production, which has already been studied by the main business schools (INSEAD, IESE, IE). 

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