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What is the MEDCAP Forum?

The Medcap Forum is a venue for meetings between major medium and small-cap companies and institutional Spanish and foreign investors. The size the event has attained since it was created over a decade ago, in addition to its versatile format, have consolidated the Medcap Forum as one of the sector’s main events in Spain and Europe.

The event will take place in the Madrid Stock Exchange Palace. (Plza. Lealtad, 1 Madrid). 

The main aim is to boost the liquidity and financing capacities of listed small and medium caps. Greater transparency and a better relationship with capital markets are key factors in achieving this objective, and Bolsas y Mercados Españoles is willing to make its own contribution with this Forum.

The Medcap Forum is also a platform to exchange ideas and reflect on the major issues of the financial and academic community. Its format also represents a major opportunity to gain an insight into companies largely unknown to investors due to their size.

The main activities at the Forum are:



The conference programme alternates roundtables on financial and economic issues with sectoral debates with senior management of listed companies, fund managers, prestigious academics and leading institutions


One-on-one meetings

Meet in person the A level managers of the  listed companies.  More than 1200 private meetings between listed companies and “buy-side” institutional investors were held during the last Forum.

Discovery Meetings

Discovery Meetings

Get closer to the less known listed companies.  The Forum offers the possibility for all attendees to attend 30-minute presentations by a member of the management team.

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